Chicago 1920s Gangster Murder Mystery!
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Christmas Murder Mystery

Christmas Parties for Corporate, Family and Friends!

This year, have a unique 

and memorable

 Christmas Party!

Earn Prizes and Clues as you try to solve the crimes!

Click on our two popular themes below!

Gangster Mystery  Click here for more information!

1920s Christmas Murder Mystery At The Speakeasy!

(We recommend this party for friends, family, corporate, etc.)

Employee Revenge!  Click here for more information!

Murder At The Company Christmas Party!
(We recommend this party for FUN corporate parties only!)

These Christmas parties are filled with everything Christmas: Fun Christmas games,
caroling,  Christmas music, Christmas lights, ornaments, candy canes, 
Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!!!  Everyone will be in the holiday spirit after this party!

 Your friends, family, or co-workers will consider you the Greatest Party Planner

Of All Time! They won't even expect a gift from you after this party....maybe. 

This will be the party they will want to have again next year and the year after that!

We guarantee we will give you a killer Christmas party! effects - Sleigh Bells.wav Hit Play

Leave all the planning to us.

 Just tell us the date and time you want and then pick your location 

and leave the rest to us!

We will bring our Christmas mystery

 parties to any location you want!

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Jingle Bell Rock
Brenda Lee (Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree)