Chicago 1920s Gangster Murder Mystery!
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Order one of our already- made kits to run your own party!

Easy Step-By-Step instructions!

Perfect for home, office, or anywhere parties!

The kit is a condensed version of our professional parties.

This is not like the cheesy store bought games. This is the real deal!

You will not get this package in a pretty box designed to catch your eye so you will buy it. You will get exactly the same materials that our directors use to facilitate our live professional parties.

You will get easy step by step instructions explaining exactly how to run the party on your own.

The mystery should last for about 90Mins.

You can have as many people as you want!  There is no limit to your group size!

( Best for a group size of at least 9 or more. Call us for more information if you have a smaller group size.)

 (The kit includes a sheet for you to make extra copies of character roles for as many people as you want).

Everyone plays a character role!

 There are 8 "special" characters that you must pick based on their personalities. They must be the most outgoing people in your group because they will be the ones in the spotlight for the entire party.

After you purchase the kit, please let us know the address where you would like us to send the kit. Email us the address and please specify which theme you want 1920 Gangsters or Employee Revenge. 

If you do not email us we will send the kit to the address that was given to PayPal to pay for the kit.

Email us at:

Call us: 708-637-4620 if you have any trouble ordering or if you have any questions.

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 1920' s Gangster Christmas Kit
Employee Revenge Christmas  Kit