Chicago 1920s Gangster Murder Mystery!
  Serving: Chicago, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, & Michigan  Rated #1  Prices start at  only $20pp


Murder Mystery Prices

There is no mystery in our prices! 

There are no hidden charges for travel or anything else!

We require a 30 person paid minimum.

You can have a smaller size party, but we have to ask for the same paid minimum to cover our expenses.

Our prices are: 

Full-Length Party- 2 1/2 hours

(Most common party length for all group sizes).

$40 per person

2 Hour

$35 per person

1 1/2 hours

$30 per person

One Hour

$25 per person

45 Mins

$20 per person

We understand there are some unique situations, so we are open to working with you on whatever size party you have!

Tips are always appreciated!

Dinner prices are separate and determined by the restaurant. Your party does not have to be held in a restaurant. We can go to any location you want (home, office, church, school, etc.).